“Blake Rush is an Excellent Lawyer and Won My Case.”

“Blake Rush was my lawyer for my unique custody battle that had lots of loopholes and twists and turns. Blake was the first lawyer who took the time to stop and listen to me on the phone when I was trying to tell my story and couldn't find anyone to hear me out on the phone.  He promptly offered me a time to come in and that was the best decision I made.  He was able to point out why this will be a case he can help me accomplish successfully and he laid out a step by step outline of how this will go.  He took the time to answer my many, many questions and when things got very stressful for me he even set up a impromptu mid-day appointment to meet with me and help me clarify this is all a work in progress.  What also stands out to make him excellent is that he is licensed in both NJ and PA. My case started in NJ and got 'punted' to PA.  When the judge in NJ punted the case to PA- once in the hallway Blake was immediately making moves in the PA court system before we had even left the NJ court house.  While we were in the mediation room(s) and the court room(s) his quick educated responses made the other lawyer seem like a mouse and no one took more dominance of the room other than Blake.  

I feel Blake is exactly the type of lawyer you would envision to take on such a serious case such as custody and he leaves NO ROOM for anyone to not be as sharp as him (which no one was/is).  He did not back down and demanded exactly what I/we wanted step by step throughout the process.  And step by step I kept getting what I wanted all the way to the end where I have now ended this battle with custody of my son.  Blake was completely honest with me and helped me to understand that with his direction as long as I keep crossing my T's and dotting my I's he will be working hard to make the end goal a reality.  And he Did!  There is A LOT of trust going into whom you choose as a lawyer and I couldn't be more grateful that I put all my trust into Blake as my lawyer, and that I did my part the whole way as well. (staying poised/calm-- not showy) I always will recommend Blake Rush as a lawyer for anyone facing the same battle such as custody.  He will work hard within the court system's and guide you the whole way.  I will always be grateful to Blake Rush for helping me save my son.”

  • Tara W., March 2016

“Great Lawyer”

“Blake is a great lawyer that worked very hard in my divorce and child custody case. He is very professional. Highly recommend him.”

  • George K., January 2016

“Professional and Personable”

“I obtained Blake's services for my divorce and a child support proceeding. He not only gave me sound legal advice but helped guide me through a very difficult time in my life. Blake was at all times professional, friendly and above all honest with me throughout the process. I would definitely recommend Blake for any family law matter.”

  • Beth D., January 2016

“Divorce & Separation Lawyer”

“Blake is an excellent Divorce attorney. I have never had to go through with a divorce before. I was extremely nervous in the beginning and no idea what to expect or have to do. After meeting with Blake, it was great to know I was in good hands and he brought all the experience needed to help me with my situation. He explained in detail what I would expect in each step of the process. He provided insight into each meeting and I knew what was going to happen. Blake submitted and provided the necessary documentation with the courts and my wife's attorney. He did an excellent job for me and would use him again if needed.”

  • Michael, January 2016


“Blake Rush was excellent representing me. He was attentive, very efficient and very thorough I would highly recommend Him. He did an excellent job and I was very happy with the outcome.”

  • Catherine M., January 2016

“Caring, Trustworthy, Effective”

“Blake was extremely caring and very professional. He always had my best interest in mind while also counseling me as I went through an extremely emotional and difficult time in my life. He kept me focused and enabled me to understand and achieve results that were in my and my child's best interests.”

  • Client, January 2016

“A local Business Owner”

He handled my divorce and getting through it as a business owner, was not easy. He was always available for me when I needed advice. It took time but he got me through it.”

  • Mark G., January 2016

“Excellent Representation”

“Mr. Rush did an excellent job representing me in my custody and domestic cases. He is very knowledgeable and quick to think. He was very honest with me and my expectations in regards to my cases. He was prompt in returning calls and emails. The outcome was always in my favor and I was very satisfied overall.”

  • Melissa S., January 2016

“Amicable Divorce”

“I hired Blake for an amicable divorce compared to many and our custody and child support plans were not necessarily conventional. Blake was very good at making sure I understood the guidelines and where we/I was going above and beyond, sometimes too much. It was his job to ensure I understood the very important agreement I was entering into. I would recommend Blake.”

  • Brenda S., January 2016


“Very pleased with the services provided by Blake Rush.”

  • Client, January 2016

“Excellent Family Law Attorney”

“Attorney Rush has represented me for several family law related matters and has always be professional, courteous and very knowledgeable when it comes to family in law in PA and NJ.  Mr. Rush always makes himself available to clients which is a huge plus when considering an attorney these days. I highly recommend Mr. Rush to anyone that is seeking law advice for family related matters as he is one the best and friendliest attorney's practicing in the Lehigh Valley and NJ area.”

  • Al P., January 2016

“Divorce Representation”

I wanted to thank you for all of your support and representation in the recently completed divorce matter from my wife. The whole process was quite involved and cumbersome, and yet you manage to provide excellent representation, guidance, and patience in dealing with this matter from the initial complaint right through to the final divorce settlement. Your knowledge of the court system and divorce process in the State of New Jersey was exemplary. Your professionalism, knowledge, intuition, and management are to be commended, and I would certainly recommend your services to anyone seeking legal representation in similar family matters.”

  • Edward W., January 2016

“Family Law Matter”

“Blake represented me during a very difficult time. His patience, availability and willingness to explain the process was never ending. Blake was always well prepared during the court proceedings and mediations that were scheduled. He always made sure I knew what to expect and understood the process. He truly cares about his clients. I would not hesitate to recommend Blake Rush for any legal matter. His integrity, personality and knowledge of the law was impeccable.

  • Denise C., January 2016

“Blake Rush”

“We are lucky enough to have been able to hire Mr. Blake Rush, to help us with our legal matters. Blake Rush is an extremely intelligent and resourceful lawyer. What makes him extraordinary is that he is not only very well educated and knowledgeable but he is also passionate with what he does. He has gone above and beyond of our expectations. He helped us incredibly with our family, so we can continue to move forward with our lives. He understands the emotional stress that illegal actions can take on the client and their loved ones. His compassion and professionalism are a rare combination. I highly recommend Blake Rush.”

  • Myrna T., January 2016

“Feedback on Divorce Attorney Blake Rush from Client”

“Blake handled my messy divorce in 2012 and was able to eventually secure an acceptable settlement despite an unreasonable adversary. In addition, Blake was able to secure a permanent restraining order against my-ex while defending me from false allegations. Throughout, Blake was rational and considerate with his advice and counsel, trying to help me to minimize fees and to avoid further stress. Following the divorce, Blake helped me to defend and prevail with two additional claims by my ex, in both cases securing reimbursement of my attorney fees. Blake is very knowledgeable of the local attorneys, judges and court officers. He has access to a network which provided coverage when needed, and secured experts when needed. Blake returned all my calls promptly, and in many cases he answered brief emails or texts without billing me. I strongly endorse Blake!

  • Michael B., January 2016

“Great Lawyer, Highly Recommended”

“I recently had Blake W. Rush for my custody case less than a week ago. He was knowledgeable and help me through my legal process 3000 miles away. I highly recommend Blake Rush. He fights for his clients.”

  • Emmeline E., December 2012

“Wonderful Attorney”

“Attorney Rush recently represented me in a custody case. He was honest with me from the beginning he made sure I understood everything that was going on. He really took his time and never seemed rushed or distracted. Not only was he honest and thorough he helped to keep me calm through the whole thing. I strongly recommend Attorney Blake.”

  • Crystal L., December, 2012

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