Sex Offenses

If you have been sexually harassed at work or your child has been sexually assaulted at school, we can help you take a stand and enforce your legal rights.

Sexual harassment is never okay. If you are being harassed at work or your child has been assaulted by another student or an adult at school, it is important that you take action and put a stop to the abuse. The attorneys at the Law Office of Blake W. Rush are experienced in representing clients who are victims of sex offenses in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and they are committed to holding schools, universities, and other employers accountable for their employees’ unacceptable conduct or unsafe environments.

Understanding Your Civil Rights as the Victim of a Sexual Offense

Whether or not a sexual offense leads to criminal charges, victims of sexual misconduct at school and in the workplace will often be entitled to financial compensation. Sex offenses can lead to lasting physical and emotional harm, and these are losses for which the law provides financial remedies. Generally speaking, employers are responsible for the employees’ conduct “within the scope of employment,” and this means that private employers, school districts, and public and private universities will often be financially liable when supervisors, teachers, administrators and other employees either commit or turn a blind eye to sexual misconduct.

All-too-common scenarios where employees and students may be entitled to financial compensation include:

  • Sexual harassment by superiors and co-workers
  • Sexual assaults perpetrated by other students at school
  • Inappropriate relationships between students and teachers

In the school context, if teachers, administrators or school officials had any inkling that improper conduct was taking place, this can be enough to establish civil liability.

Case Study: $825,000 Settlement for Children Sexually Assaulted by a Fellow Student

In a case that made national headlines, Blake W. Rush represented four minor children who had been sexually assaulted by a fellow student at an elementary school in Allentown, Pennsylvania. After several other attorneys declined to represent the children due to the state’s strict immunity laws, Mr. Rush took the case and initiated a federal lawsuit against the Allentown School District. While the assaults had been perpetrated by a student, Mr. Rush argued that the school district was liable due to the fact that it was aware of similar incidents that had occurred in the past.

After interviewing teachers, tracking down witnesses across multiple states, and withstanding years of combative litigation from the Allentown School District, Mr. Rush attracted the involvement of the U.S. Department of Justice and was able to successfully obtain an $825,000 settlement for his clients as well as substantial safety reforms throughout the school district.

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